Critical Needs

To individuals that have lost everything, any little thing helps.  Donate now!  

the below sections describe some of the focus areas that critical needs funds are supporting:

Medical Aid

By operating mobile clinics to refugee villages and going to very remote locations when opportunities present, Sojourners United provides life-saving medical interventions as well as looks to make chronic conditions manageable.  

Humanitarian Aid

Relief is provided to all regardless of race, beliefs, or creeds. SU provides food, water, shelter, and clothing to assist those in extreme hunger, facing adverse climatic conditions or violent conditions. We look for opportunities to develop the communities through food producing programs, income generating projects or clean water or sanitation projects to reduce infections.   

Photo by Carol Guzy 

Counsel & Training

Sojourners United provides holistic crisis counsel per request to people in distress in order to promote emotional and spiritual healing. Communities are taught how to provide self-care for common problems unique to their location. Individuals are trained to make lasting lifelong differences.

Critical Needs

Donate to the most pressing issues. Donating here allows Sojourners United to respond to needs as they arise.

The founders of Sojourners are not salaried by the organization and SU has no employees. 

SU founders are covering all administrative expenses personally so that all donated money is maximized to helping those in need.

Special Causes

From time to time, Sojourners discovers special circumstances or individuals that we, united with you, can make a big difference. Click here to discover more details.