Special Causes

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Income Generation

From time to time, Sojourners United comes across special income generation projects. These stand out to us as situations where, by uniting with others, we can make a powerful impact on individuals lives by providing resources to help them sustain themselves and grow spiritually. What follows are some of these special projects.

To unite with us:

  • Please join in prayer for these projects.
  • You can also donate funds that we will use for this and similar projects by designating an "income generation" gift 
Sarah Gator
Sarah Gator
One of Sarah's sons that she has not seen in 2 years
One of Sarah's sons that she has not seen in 2 years

Special Rescue and Income Generation Project

From Labor Trafficking in Iraq to a Small Family Restaurant in Ghana

Sarah is a 27-year-old woman from Ghana. She is the mother of two small sons who are living with her mom in Ghana. Her Father died last year and she is now responsible for taking care of her family. She was deceived by her Pastor and another agent recruiting workers for the Middle East. Sarah was told she would be a pastry chef in Dubai but ended up at a housekeeping company in Erbil Iraq. After being unable to secure a two-year contract with a family through the agency, they locked her in an upstairs room and only gave her, and the other women there, a couple potatoes a day or some ramen noodles.

The company took her passport and her visa to hinder her escape. She couldn't work for 6 months, so finally she just ran away after the company captors were demanding sexual favors. Without a passport or visa, she can't work in Iraq. I met her at church crying so we have been paying her rent and legally trying to work this issue of work trafficking and fraud. The company has finally agreed to return her passport if she gets a one-way ticket back to Ghana.

Sarah wants to return and start a small restaurant business in Ghana which costs approximately $2,500. We have collected $750 so far. Any assistance in her case is greatly appreciated. Donations on her behalf can be made to SojournersUnited.org.

The founders of Sojourners are not salaried by the organization and SU has no employees. 

SU founders are covering all administrative expenses personally so that all donated money is maximized to helping those in need.