Prior Trips

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2023 was a full year, with first time trips to Kenya and Pakistan, a return trip to the villages near the Russian frontline in Ukraine, and tremendous growth over seven months spend on two trips into Iraq.

The door to our van had just opened after we had travelled to the village of Krashakrivnov, and a woman excited cried out "I remember you!" when she saw me.

The following thoughts from the morning of 28 June helps capture some of what is going on here as we labor each day to bring hope and help to a stricken land:

This world appears to be increasingly unhinged: natural disasters appear to be increasing, wars and conflicts, plagues and famine. Displaced peoples, less than 10 million at the turn of the century now approaches 100 million worldwide. How are we to interpret these times? What can we do? What is Sojourners United preparing to do with help of...

God continues to do amazing things, opening wonderful opportunities to work with other groups and build deep friendships. Doors are opened to get medical gear for a trip to help those in Ukraine. Highlights of this trip include:

With the chaos and confusion of Afghanistan fresh in our minds from when the US pulled troops out, Karla purposefully travels to Iraq to be there when all US combat troops in Iraq leave. She wants the Iraqi's to know we will stand with them.

Sometimes things seem to take so much effort, but then God breaks through and opens the doors! And it is wonderful when this happens. One of the biggest examples of this was being able to rent a base house so that we could now establish a means to store medical equipment in order to be ready to respond when needed....

While still awaiting IRS processing of our non-profit application in the US, we receive word that Northern Iraq is ready to approve our request to operate in Iraq. As Country Director, Eric leaves on short notice, and highlights include:

Travel during COVID is not easy. Our mandatory COVID tests results to travel come back just before heading to the El Paso airport and everything appears "good to go". However, in Dallas, we are deplaned when the Airline reps are reviewing our tests and note that the result does not state "PCR" on it. What are we to do? Is...