Prior Trips

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When your plans are completely thrown to the wind, destroyed, what do you do? Join us on one adventure where God opened up incredible doors. Like the signature TV story turned movie "mission impossible", can you find the instruction tape, that lets you know that God has a special mission for you? It might not be the entire...

At long last we were heading back into Iraq. Two previous flights had been cancelled due to Covid shutting down airports and airplanes. But now with one airline flying again, we headed out, carrying with us nebulizers and medicines that could be used to assist with Covid patients.

When you retire, where do you want to take your first trip? When you are celebrating your 30th Wedding Anniversary, where do you picture it being? What do you do when your "A" plan collapses, followed by your "B" plan, followed by your "C" plan?

In February 2019, Karla teamed up with the Free Burma Rangers to go into Syria. As they entered into Syria, I lost complete text communication ability with Karla until when she finished her trip almost one month later. (Click title to get entire story)