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In Exodus chapter 17, the Israelites were able to make advances on the battlefield when Moses raised his arms.  When he lowered, they did not do well.  Seeing this, Aaron and Hur stood by the side of Moses and helped keep his arms raised.

In life, we cannot be everywhere.  But we can support each other.  Receiving our Newsletter or following us on Facebook will keep you better informed of how to stand by us as we seek to boldly go to help those in crisis.

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Invite Sojourners

Love Your Enemies

Hear what it was like to be half a mile from Baghoz and the first to receive people fleeing from the last ISIS stronghold in Feb 2019.

Living as Sojourners

What does it take to change your mindset, to be willing to give up all to gain all?

Pursuing a Lasting Country

What do you do when you lose everything?  Is there hope when everything is gone?  What if you still have everything?


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