Confirm the Work for our Hands - Feb to April 2021


Travel during COVID is not easy.  Our mandatory COVID tests results to travel come back just before heading to the El Paso airport and everything appears "good to go".  However, in Dallas, we are deplaned when the Airline reps are reviewing our tests and note that the result does not state "PCR" on it.  What are we to do?  Is the trip to continue?  Highlights of the trip include:

  • God leads us to Psalm 90 during morning devotions after being deplaned in Dallas.  We are given insights, resources, and favor at the airport to re-establish our trip that afternoon.  There is no charge for the new flights, although we did have to scramble to get same day PCR notated COVID testing.    
  • Trip further north to spend time with a wonderful evangelical Assyrian Pastor and his family, and to do several days of medical clinics to displaced families.
  • The Pope drives by less than a quarter mile from where we are staying.
  • Eric is one of the featured speakers at his 25th Medical School Zoom Reunion.
  • God opens doors for Eric and Karla to take Kurdish Language classes.
  • Led and fed families with mid-week study on the Beatitudes.
  • Newroz Shwarma: we discover an IDP camp less than 2 miles away when our plan to feed refugee street children on the Iraqi New Year celebration requires us to find them (even the street beggars take the day off on this Holiday!) The camp visit also creates conditions for us to form ongoing relationships with three other Christian Ministries .
  • Karla has one of the best days of her life sharing the Gospel in downtown Erbil with Iman and many others gathered to listen.
  • Eric has one of his best days ever doing medical clinics in a Syrian Refugee Clinic where God opened doors to powerfully pray with several hurting patients and families.