Packing for Pakistan (26 Nov to 7 Dec 2023)


Sojourners United is packing its bags and heading into Pakistan to extend help and encouragement to some of those recently afflicted there.

Please pray for Karla as she travels to Pakistan 26 November to 7 December

Five loaves and two fish!

As Jesus looked on the masses, he had compassion for them. The place was desolate, and the crowds grew hungry. Rather than sending them away, the disciples took what they had found from a little boy, and brought it to Jesus. Jesus took the five loaves and two fish. He then looked up to heaven, blessed it, broke it into pieces and passed it out. And the multitudes, numbering over five thousand, were fed and satisfied. (see Matthew 14: 13-21)

Jesus took the little that was there, prayed, and it was multiplied!

Please join us in prayer!

Karla is traveling to Pakistan for ten days to minister to the masses in Jesus' name, encouraging and helping those that in crisis with the resources God provides. She has some medicines, water filters and blankets, and will be looking to secure additional resources in Pakistan.

Pray for multiplication of physical resources, as well for the spiritual breakthroughs to God's treasures in Christ Jesus that last forever!

She will link up with two church pastors that serve many families in great need. Pakistan believers have been attacked greatly recently, churches burnt, and job discrimination against believers is harsh and rampant. Hope, encouragement, food packages, water filters and medicines are anticipated.

Karla will also work with an Afghani family that we met in Iraq who has a viable faith-based home ministry to the Afghans that have fled into Pakistan when the Taliban came into power. Karla hopes to travel to the borders to extend aid to these Afghani refugees, now forced to return to Afghanistan. Lights, blankets, food, and prayers to the afflicted are projected.

Many people in great need will be encountered on this trip.

  • The prayers of the righteous are powerful and effective. (James 4: 16)
  • With God, nothing is impossible (Matthew 19: 26)