Spring 2022 Trip


This trip offers unique opportunities to deepen some relationships with people met on prior trips through assistance and encouragement.

This trip started 7 March and we just completed a week in Egypt enroute to Iraq. 

Praise: A few hundred Arabic G. of Luke and NT were successfully transported from Egypt to Iraq. Incredible favor was given as we traveled to get these here to Iraq!

As we journey, please join us in prayer:

1. Now please pray for opportunities to distribute these books to hungry souls.

2. Iraqi Spiritual son Daniel was greatly encouraged by our visit with him in Egypt, and was financially replenished to finish semester. Please pray we can have his name and ID changed so he can continue to study if God's will. Pray for a spiritual family for him in Egypt.

3. Please pray for a Syrian widow and two daughters that we have adopted. Financial resources, spiritual growth and education for the girls.

4. Please pray for Assyrian Pastor (recent widower) and his three children. His wife and house were burned. Pray we can help, support and encourage them all.

5. Please pray for English classes karla will be teaching twice weekly to Yezidi girls and a chance to share good news.

6. Leading a woman's Bible study.

7. Pray for the development and distribution of first aid kits to needy families.

8. Maintenance of SU Iraq is costly and difficult to administrate. Pray whether we are to continue as SU Iraq, join with another NGO, or have another join us.

9. Pray for relationships to be expanded and deepened here. Especially for Eric to be able to connect with the US military base here and offer medical/spiritual support. Please pray for continued wisdom in our operations here.

10. Please pray for possible involvement in the Ukraine and/ or Romania, post Iraq. Either through helping with development of a medical supply chain, trauma kits, and or on the ground there in a mobile medical clinic after leaving Iraq. Have contacts and need wisdom and resources as to how God wants us to be involved.

Thanks so much for praying and sojourning in the Spirit with us!

If you so desire, please join us with a tax deductible gift, giving as your hearts are moved.  Standing with us sends a strong message that these individuals are not alone.