The God of Breakthroughs - Sep to Nov 2021


Sometimes things seem to take so much effort, but then God breaks through and opens the doors!  And it is wonderful when this happens.  One of the biggest examples of this was being able to rent a base house so that we could now establish a means to store medical equipment in order to be ready to respond when needed.

  • SU Base is established. Took 3 days to get Secret Police approval, but so worth it!
  • Houses in Iraq do not even come with kitchen sinks, so basic outfitting of the kitchen, office and bedroom are started
  • Trauma First Aid training to other mission groups in Northern Iraq.
  • Karla traveled to Egypt to help a believer who has fled for his life.
  • Eric facilitates a short notice teaching from Luke 7 when the pastor contracts COVID. Church is packed, and God leads wonderfully.
  • Stuck in the Mud (Tigris River) and medical clinic and assistance to a Christian village that is being restored.
  • Try to help a family with a premature child who was not receiving good care through the public hospitals. Introduction to Iraqi hospital care.

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