Working while Preparing - March to April 2022


God continues to do amazing things, opening wonderful opportunities to work with other groups and build deep friendships.  Doors are opened to get medical gear for a trip to help those in Ukraine.  Highlights of this trip include:

  • Incredible favor getting 250 Arabic Gospels of Luke and 30 NTs from Egypt to Iraq.
  • Linking up with a group reaching out to Syrian Refugees, adding enhanced medical care for two full days within one of the bigger camps.
  • "Christ in the Passover" meal and teaching, showing The Passion of the Christ afterwards (a movie blocked in that region).
  • Encouraging a Pastor and his four children who tragically lost their wife/mother and house through fire. Brought food and had times of listening and prayer.
  • First Aid Training to over 100 people during three different nights, with appreciation from the Mayor of Ankawa.
  • Encouraged a believer who fled Iraq due to his Father and family trying to kill him for his faith in Jesus.
  • Visited a Farm Land to help determine better how a House of Hope can be built in Iraq.
  • Trips to hospitals to facilitate care, encourage and pray for patients and their families.
  • Acquired two suitcases of field medical trauma gear in Iraq, and carried back to the US to aid the Ukrainians on our trip there in June.