LifeSaving Heart Surgery Possible


Help us save Yusef's life through heart surgery.   $635 of $7,000 raised so far.  See blog for more details.

You can make a difference today.

Pediatric Heart Surgery in Iraq is extremely risky. But by the mercies of God we connected with a group on our last trip that is able to provide a pediatric heart surgery in Israel for $5,000 plus the travel costs for the child and family.

In April we had the privilege of serving three days in Badarash, a Syrian refugee camp in northern Iraq. Almost all of the refugees here had fled when Turkey went into northern Syria in 2019. Many fled in the middle of the night, and have not been able to return their homes which were taken or destroyed.

During the clinics, we met six year-old Yusef who had already undergone two heart surgeries when less than a year old due to being born with his heart on the wrong side of the body. His lips were purple, with oxygen saturations at 80%. Cardiac evaluations through our connections have since demonstrated that he now needs one final surgery, or faces death. His heart and body are in good condition for the surgery. The timing is optimal. We have been able to update and renew the families' passports. We are in the process of networking for the airfare. The total costs is estimated to be around $7,000 with travel.

Please join with us today by clicking the donate button and making a secure donation through PayPal. We will cover the administrative costs.

If you are not in a position to join financially, please join in prayer: for God's Kindness, Protection and Provision for this family and that other families in Badarash Camp would experientially know God's Love and Mercy.